Lighthouse Point Academy

Lighthouse Point Academy (LPA) has been the leading South Florida school program for students with mild specific learning disabilities since 1957. Our program serves student from Grades 3 - 12. LPA is an integral part of North Broward Preparatory School and is housed on our main Coconut Creek campus.

Our Philosophy

We understand that every child learns differently and has unique strengths and developmental challenges. In very small classes, our highly qualified and caring teachers take an individualized approach to each child, always teaching according to his/her learning needs. In this environment, our students become confident learners who go on to succeed in college and beyond.

Specialized Faculty

Our teachers are selected for their expertise in the area of learning disabilities. They understand and respond to the needs of our students on a one-on-one basis, as well as in small groups. The warm and supportive environment they create helps students to develop their confidence, and the close tutelage fosters the development of self-awareness and self-advocacy skills.

An Integrated Program

The Lighthouse Point Academy is a learning community of over 100 students within the broader NBPS community of more than 1,300 students. LPA offers specialized classes for college-bound students with mild specific learning disabilities. In combination with mainstream classes, LPA classes provide prescriptive accommodations to ensure our students’ academic success and readiness to successfully engage in undergraduate education. All LPA students receive a high school diploma from North Broward Preparatory School.

Our Approach/Results

All students are required to have a full psycho-educational evaluation prior to enrolling, as well as reevaluations every three years. This ensures that we are intimately familiar with the student’s specific educational needs. Based on these evaluations, we create individual academic plans that outline the necessary steps to achieve academic success.

We maintain an ideal teacher-student ratio within the classroom to meet the needs of every child. Class size never exceeds 14 students, while most classes have 10 students or fewer. Our College Advising Office works closely with students beginning in the 9th Grade. We are very proud of the fact that 100% of our graduates are accepted into college.
Director of Lighthouse Point Academy
Brandon Boston

954-247-0011 ext. 380

Administrative Assistant/Registrar
Sevil Dalton

954-247-0011 ext. 329
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