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  • Coconut Creek, FL
  • Founded in 1957
  • PreK - 12
  • Top rated LPA Program
  • Over 1,500 Students
  • Distinguished Program
  • International Baccalaureate
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Our Stories

“My daughter is encouraged to explore and investigate the world around her, to use technology to develop understanding and create new things, and to pursue her personal interests and passions. I know that I have the incredibly distinguished North Broward faculty to thank for nurturing and appropriately challenging my daughter...” read more

- Parent

“NBPS gave me the foundations on which I could build the rest of my life. Through my experiences both inside and outside of the classroom, I was able to grow as a person. The high-caliber academic programs prepared me to succeed at university. There were an ample number of opportunities...” read more

- Alumnus

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Teacher Highlight

And the Winners Are....... NBPS Visual Art students in grades Kindergarten through 12th exhibited their incredible art works, demonstrating an amazing year of learning and creativity.  The Student Union was transformed into a walk-through gallery filled with drawings and paintings, sculpture, photography and digital art.  Judges awarded ribbons for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place as well as Honorable Mention in all grade levels.  The NBPS Visual Arts team (pictured L-R: Mrs. Vaszily, Mrs. Greeley, Mrs. Campbell and Mrs. Weiss, with the Lower School artwork display in the background) would like to congratulate our students whose works of art were awarded ribbons at this year’s all-school Arts Show. Lower School Kindergarten 1st Place: Dash Levy 2nd Place: McKayla Pesaturo 3rd Place: Matthew Bennett Honorable Mentions: Mia Pezo, Troy Burns & Erin Crane 1st Grade 1st Place: Clark Hunter 2nd Place: Avah MacDonald 3rd Place: Aspen Charow Honorable Mentions: Zoe Ruggiero, Chase Rosenstrauch & Aurelia Otis-Pasternak 2nd Grade 1st Place: Olivia Zack 2nd Place: Carly Ciccone 3rd Place: Michael Somera Honorable Mentions: Maya Mays, Syril McGhie & McKenna Crupi 3rd Grade 1st Place: Vito Geraci  2nd Place: Carter Berrio  3rd Place: Sebastian Smith Honorable Mentions: Gigi D’Errico, Sasha Stein & Laszlo Otis-Pasternak 4th Grade 1st Place: Kindred Wallace 2nd Place: Gabe Birnbaum   3rd Place: Mona Liza Abou   Honorable Mentions: Max Hammer, Joanna Chang & Andreas Petruzzi 5th Grade 1st Place: Ellie Roe 2nd Place: Sahana Khemani  3rd Place: Maya Ficklin Honorable Mentions: Rose Kalayci, Harrison Tomblin-Morgan & Sabrina Lipp HIGH SCHOOL Best In Show - Dana Musso -Teacher :Weiss IB HL II -Teacher: Weiss 1st Place - Bogdana Oddr     2nd Place - Sean Tabris     3rd Place - Danielle Molloy     Honorable Mention - Tiffany Wang     AP - Teacher: Weiss 1st Place - Pusen Yang     2nd Place - Samantha Hodes     3rd Place - Hannah Toivola     Honorable Mention - William Walker     Honorable Mention - Charlotte Damson     Honorable Mention - Yutong Wang 2D III Honors & Indy Study - Teacher: Weiss     1st Place - Amira Lin     2nd Place - Yuki Takada     3rd Place - Jie Yao     Honorable Mention - Yijia Ke     Honorable Mention - Tianchen Yao     IB HL I - Teacher: Weiss 1st Place - Nika Diomidovskaia     2nd Place - Isabella Rowland     3rd Place - Gina Marie Gruss     Honorable Mention - Brady McGettigan     Honorable Mention - Kristina Kornienko     Honorable Mention - Gillian Gaeta        Comp II - Teacher: Weiss 1st Place    Zhaoyu Liu     2nd Place    Angelica Cirino     3rd Place    Arina Novak     Honorable Mention     Rebecca Fain     Honorable Mention     Jianqi Zheng     Honorable Mention     Chengi Zhao     Comp I - Teacher: Weiss 1st Place - Alexia Dubreuze     2nd Place - Jessica Cole     3rd Place - Anastasia Baranova     Honorable Mention - Jun Wang     Honorable Mention - Madelyn Ruskin     Honorable Mention - Sophia Valle     Honorable Mention - Natalie Velasquez MIDDLE SCHOOL Comp I    Teacher: Greeley 1st Place - Le Du     1st Place Vanessa Barchuk - 3D 2nd Place - Natalie Zeigler - Mixed Media 3rd Place - Andrew Lyew - Landscape Honorable Mention - Kyle Maingot - 3D sculpture Honorable Mention - Emerson Arai - Mixed Media Comp II    Teacher: Greeley 1st Place - Alexandria York - Mixed media 2nd Place - Xiaorong Huang - Portrait 3rd Place - Julia Singhal - Watercolor Honorable Mention - Rachel Wheeler - 3D Chameleon Honorable Mention - Tori Friedman - Mixed Media Honorable Mention - Maya Bonanno - Portrait Honorable Mention - Liora Gafen - Portrait Honorable Mention - Nina Kuznetsova - Mixed Media 2D III - Teacher: Greeley 1st Place - Kaipeng Wang - Wolf 2nd Place - Mekenzi DeCarlo - Nevermore 3rd Place - Qin Mou - Ink Honorable Mention - Cole Seligman - Lino Print Honorable Mention - Aleksandra Shatokhina - Landscape Honorable Mention - Richard Williams - Ink 6th Grade - Teacher: Greeley 1st Place - Scotland Wallace - Cartoon 2nd Place - Aspen Drucker - Portrait 3rd Place - Luca Wiersema - Silhouette Honorable Mention - Jacob Brock - City Honorable Mention - Aryn Salomon - Papr Rolls Honorable Mention - Savanna Kennedy - Parrot 7th Grade - Teacher: Greeley 1st Place - Claire Piskun - Greek Vases 2nd Place - Olivia Radtke - Greek Vases 3rd Place - Dillon Clark - Mosaic Honorable Mention - Joshua Clark - Aboriginal Painting Honorable Mention - Grace Field - Amate Painting Honorable Mention - Makenzie Osher - Amate Painting 2D Elective MS - Teacher: Greeley 1st Place - Zoe Plotkin - Bugs 2nd Place - Conner Schmidt - Haunted House 3rd Place - Arina Bakradze - Oil Pastel Fruit Honorable Mention - Amanda Collins - Adobe Watercolor Honorable Mention - Sheehan Dong - Oil Pastel Flowers MS Art and Artists - Teacher: Campbell 1st Place - Alexa Tannanbaum - Self Portrait Surrounded by Leaves 2nd Place - Camila Parsons - Divided Self Portrait 3rd Place - Bailey Fawcett - Mini Me Paper Mache Sculpture Honorable Mention - Lydia Szakacs - Divided Self Portrait Honorable Mention - Yizhe Gu - Mini Me Paper Mache Sculpture Honorable Mention - Madisyn Hampton - Self Portrait Surrounded by Leaves Honorable Mention - Elyse Brachfeld - Self Portrait Surrounded by Leaves Honorable Mention - Brooke Powell - Self Portrait Surrounded by Leaves 3D I - Teacher: Campbell 1st Place - Alexandra Jokinen - Paper Sculpture Owl 2nd Place - Sydney Sabbota & Adelle Vokounova - Rocking Animals 3rd Place - Hannah Salomon - Smiling Animal Sculpture Honorable Mention - Sifan Zhang - Paper Sculpture Owl 2D I - Teacher: Campbell 1st Place - Shihan Wang - Mixed Media Drawing 2nd Place - Reagan Aronoff - Manikin Drawing 3rd Place - Kirby Burns - Super Hero Hardedge Painting Honorable Mention - Camila Rodriguez - Manikin Drawing Honorable Mention - Santiago Espinoza - Mixed Media Drawing 2D I - Teacher: Campbell 1st Place - Sabrina Widelitz - Manikin Drawing 2nd Place - Samantha Venable - Mixed Media Hand Drawing 3rd Place - Junbin Ma - Styrofoam Print Honorable Mention - Javier Rodriguez - Mixed Media Hand Drawing                 HS Art Applied Design I - Teacher: Campbell 1st Place - Matthew Johnson - 2 point Perspective Buildings 2nd Place - Darryl Sammons - Inventors (Photoshop) 3rd Place - Emily Smith - 2 point Perspective Buildings Honorable Mention - Zhibo Hu - 2 point Perspective Buildings Honorable Mention - Chenjie Ge - 2 point Perspective Buildings Honorable Mention - Victoria Parada - 2 point perspective Buildings 3D Elective MS - Teacher: Campbell 1st Place - Tara Steinberg - Paper Mache Cat 2nd Place - Joseph Quatela - Standing Fish Sculpture 3rd Place - Kaitlyn Pippin-Messa - Paper Mache cat Honorable Mention - Rachel Zellen - Cupcake Relief Honorable Mention - Drew Cannold - Frog Sculpture  

Arts Show Winners

Student Highlight

The magazine is published by USA Dance, the national amateur ballroom dance organization.  The article, along with a photo of the brother/sister dance team, hails their crowning as the Youth Smooth National Champions in Baltimore this past April.  Congratulations Olga and Alexei on your continued successes!

NB Dancers Featured in Magazine

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